What We Do Best

Festivals & Student Gigs

We own Mega Foam Cannons &  Avalanche Cannons so we can provide a serious amount of foam!

Our Mega Cannon can project off staging, fill dance floors and dance pits.

Our Avalanche machines are great for TV commercials and when a lot of thick foam is need fast. 

Charity Events & Fundraisers

We do to foam what many other companies can't.  We colour it, produce UV foam and even add delightful fragrances to it.

To add to the magic for our charity and fundraising events by using tunnels, lights and music.

Not only are the foam tunnels fun they help combat the unpredictability of the great British weather

Foam Parties with Pits

We have done from parties for 4 year olds up to 90 year olds!

There are three basic packages to choose from but we can always come up with a bespoke idea.

Package 1: Mega Foam Cannon 
Package 2: Mega Cannon and small pit aprox 15' x 20'
Package 3: Mega Cannon and large pit 26' x 26'


Our promise

To offer foaming good fun!

Our fully trained staff are here to make your event a fun and safe one.  The Foam Party company are part of Xcentric Events Limited.  We offer much more than foam for events big and small so contact us for a quote.  

100% satisfaction from over 100 customers.  Statistics taken from a customer survey prior to lockdown, 2019

Our Work

Glow in the Dark

UV Foam, Disco lights, music and even tunnels to make it all a little bit more magical

Coloured Foam

We can colour foam; orange, pink, pale blue, or green!

On Xcentric Events side we offer slime, paint and lots of other crazy stuff so check us out

Scented Foam

We can add yummy fragrances like strawberries, popcorn or chocolate


Large & Small Pits

With big and small foam pits we can fit in a back garden or work with big crowds

We also allow wheelchairs in our pits so contact for details on this

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